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Theme gardens are fun! Finally, your outdoor space can reflect what you really want — a sense of play, nature, mystery… Hummingbird gardens are just the beginning. Whether you’re just figuring out what to do with a little corner of your garden or you want to re-design the entire lawn, consider these theme garden ideas.

Play Garden

Children’s gardens are a charming way to involve the entire family. They can be as complicated as a multi-level play structure with fun plants or as simple as a well-designed sandbox. Your choice.

A wild garden could be fun if you’ve got a large, country lot. Overgrown flowers hiding a tiny path invites you to explore. Imagine the entrance flanked with huge sunflowers and grasses.

Small enough to fit in a window box: a fairy garden design! A garden where small is optimal and all you need is a little imagination.

Natural Garden

If your favourite part of your Cambridge garden is the wildlife that comes to visit, consider a nature-themed garden. In love with roses or want a herb garden for your family gourmet? — Customise your theme garden.

Bird gardens are wonderful for the elderly or disabled because you can watch the birds from indoors. Bird watching is also a fun hobby for the entire family. With a little research, you can create a garden that invites a diverse variety of our feathered friends.

Herb gardens can occupy a small, raised bed near your kitchen or can be a great solution to a sunny spot. If you’re pressed for space — such as in a balcony garden — create a container garden.

It doesn’t take a full-time gardener to have a rose garden design, but it will feel like high-end luxury. Hand-selecting your roses will be the icing on the cake.

Boulders and rocks have universal appeal. Kids climb on them happily and they are great improvised seating at a fire pit. A sunny spot is a great place for a rock garden.

The potager garden is one of the oldest garden themes. Essentially a kitchen garden or vegetable garden, a potager can also incorporate herbs.

So you can enjoy the fruits of your labour, this traditional look and save on that shopping bill.

Garden design goes green with a rain garden. Recycling the rain from your land doesn’t have to be ugly. On the same note, it’s a water-wise way to enjoy your garden.

Dramatic colour gardens are a sensory feast to me. All red, violet, blue… pick a colour scheme and go for it. The trick here will be to choose many different textures, flower shapes, and shades of your chosen colour combination. I admit this is one theme garden that I have dreamed of creating for myself.

Mystery Garden

Secret gardens are the ultimate mystery. They can come in most any garden style and are only limited by your imagination.

In the twilight, moon gardens shine. Often, I don’t get time until the end of a long day. When the rest of the garden is retreating into the shadows, the pale blooms glow.

Theme gardens are built around whatever you like. Take the time to consider what theme works for you and your property. Large or small, they’re entertaining and can involve the whole family.

Take time to smell the flowers!


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