Spring Gardening Tips

Spring is definitely the time to get your love for gardening into practice. That said, there really is a lot to do when it comes to the basics. Of course, the pleasure of being out there in the sun with a shovel, new plants and seeds is unbeatable. There are some basic suggestions followed by gardeners and landscapers around the globe to make spring time more efficient in terms of gardening. Our article here makes an attempt to neatly accumulate the best of advises on spring gardening.

Experiment with new looks: it is always good to spend time conceiving new ideas, researching new looks and bringing them down to your garden. Spring is naturally the best time to put down all your plans to test. With a favorable blooming temperatures and abundant sunlight around, it is the best time to try new looks for your garden. It is advisable to try new color varieties, different textured foliage during the spring season.

Get friendly with the nursery manager: Yes, do visit your local nurseries much before the spring season sets in. It will give you an idea of the plants that are being prepared for the spring season. A friendly conversation with the nursery manager and a study of their catalogs always comes handy when looking for new ideas to experiment, new species to try and new combinations to go for.

Go for clustering: Groups of similar plants placed together in a corner is always a visual delight. It adds to the greenery component and draws immediate attention serving more or less as a focal point. Three to four large plants of same species grouped together definitely add to the glamour quotient of any space.

Make the best use of mulch: Any material, natural or man made used to cover the top soil is known as much. It is a wonderful idea to go for naturally occurring organic mulch layers. Landscape supply yards in your neighborhood will have multiple options of organic mulch that you can choose from at reasonable prices. They will not only add a background color and texture to the base of your plants but will also keep them healthy and happy.

Never underestimate the power of native species: These will not just flourish easily with minimal of maintenance requirements but will also be a hub point to attract a variety of local fauna, adding new vibrations to the garden during spring time.

Let your garden tell your travel stories: Collect things from nature’s bountiful supplies when you travel or go for your vacations. Pick up some stunning looking rocks, or some exquisite looking sea shells and find the best places in your garden for them. These will not just bring in an oomph factor but will be an album for your life memories.

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