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Retaining walls are a valuable addition to any Cambridge landscaping; they can greatly expand your living space, create intimate outdoor enclosures, dramatic backdrops for waterfalls and vines or simply provide you with a place to show off your prized plants. With a little bit of planning, your retaining wall design will be both functional and beautiful, so don’t settle for the mundane – get the most out of your retaining wall design.


A retaining wall is a fairly permanent element of your garden, so it’s important to take the time to consider where it’s going to be built. Walk around the area and think about how it will look from different angles, like your driveway or garden.


How high does it have to be? Generally, a wall higher than 4ft can look intimidating if it is too close to a house or a patio. If your wall is going to be higher than 4ft, perhaps consider terracing as an alternative.

If children will be playing near the top of the wall, you should keep the height to 2ft or less. Another alternative is to install a planting area or fence at the top of the wall.

Many homeowners are having egress windows installed now, so your retaining wall design could have terracing around the window, creating a natural stair for this addition.


What is the function of the area around the slope? Will a change in level impede traffic flow? Will it need stairs? If stairs remove the need for a long walk around, then they’re worth it.


It is essential to have your wall installed correctly. It may need to be designed by an engineer and local planning regulations may set you back, so do your research right away. Correct installation is the difference between a beautiful project and having all your work crumble down into the neighbour’s garden.

Also, if it’s installed incorrectly, you may have to pay to have it torn down and redone. If you hire someone, it is essential to know that you will be getting a safely-built and well-made wall.


If the base or top of your retaining wall design will have grass against it, it may become a maintenance issue. A solution to this is creating a planting area at the top or base of the wall.

For one client, we had a small planting area installed at the base. The owner had enough room to run their lawnmower along the edging at the bottom, which saved him a lot of work because his wall was quite long.

Summit Landscapes can provide anything from rustic, formal or country-style walls – what style are you looking for?


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