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Great Cambridge paving begins with great design! If you want to expand your outdoor entertainment area for evening dinner guests, define an intimate nook for a secluded cup of coffee or create a retreat from the master suite, a patio is a fantastic idea. Finding a design that is both attractive, functional and creative is the first step to creating an amazing Cambridge patio.

First, have a think about how you’re going to use the space, then plan your furniture and size requirements. When you’ve got the technical stuff out of the way, decide what style and materials you want and you’ll be on your way to a great patio space.

The Technical Stuff

Your back garden patio design should allow ample room for guests to be seated and for others to walk around.

If you already have the furniture for your new patio – great! Place your furniture where you would most like to use it and note how this affects any traffic patterns? Does it obstruct any doorways?

When you’re designing a patio, traffic flow and size are important considerations. Where your patio is built is also an important factor. Placing it near a deck area easily expands entertainment possibilities. A patio in a secluded part of the garden can provide a pleasant escape on a summer afternoon.

Traffic flow is one of the main factors that will decide the size of your patio. Your guests and family will need to be able to walk around the furniture and whoever else is using your patio; if your patio is too small, it will feel cramped and uncomfortable. Traffic flow is easier to see on paper, so try to map out the area where you want your patio. Some simple lines on your back garden patio design can indicate where the highest traffic flow is.

If you place your patio outside some sliding glass doors, part of a traffic pattern is already in place. Do your family use this door a lot? Pay close attention to where people walk when they use this area.

The Fun Stuff

When you’ve decided on the size and location of your patio, you can get to the style, materials and accessories of the patio: the fun stuff!

Brick Pavers

If you’d like a traditional look, you could try a brick paver in a herringbone pattern. Brick paver patios are a quality addition no matter what style you prefer.

Don’t forget the patio design tips that are unique to this material. Attention to detail really pays off. If your Cambridge paving is cracked, Summit Landscapes can easily remove and replace it.

A paving Cambridge back garden patio design can become a work of art with different colours of brick paving. Watch out, though – if your design creates a lot of curves or requires a lot of cuts, the cost of the patio will go up.

With a little planning, your paved Cambridge patio can be unique and beautiful. Think beyond what the catalogues show you and get creative!

Outdoor Tile

Patio tiles can take your outdoor room to another level. It also means that you can be as creative as you want to be.

When out looking for supplies, take your back garden patio design with you. Make sure you have all of your notes on one sheet and take along any colour samples that you may want to match.

Pebble Tile


Pebble tiling is a timeless, classic look – indoors or out. Every time we see a beautiful pebble mosaic, we’re instantly drawn to it.

Further Ideas

Have you thought about how much sun your patio will receive? If it’s south-facing or already warm, you may want to protect yourself and your family from the summer heat. Have you given any thought to covering your Cambridge patio? Plan some shade for the area with a pergola, umbrella, or roof extension over part of the patio.

Are you going to be grilling or cooking on the patio? If so, this will affect your spatial requirements and your traffic flow. A person at the grill will need more room behind them because of the hot area in front of them. You may want to place the grill closer to the door of the house, so that food can be handed to the chef more easily.

An enchanting addition to a deck or patio is warm lighting. Overhead, outdoor patio lights on a dimmer switch or outdoor-rated ‘twinkle lights’ can create an air of intimacy for a late-summer dinner party. Lighting around the patio will highlight your favourite plant or statue and give it a whole new appearance in the evening.

Patios are a fantastic home addition and an excellent investment. I hope that some of these ideas and thoughts will help you to create a beautiful back garden patio.


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