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Outdoor water features in your garden can be as varied as a simple bird bath or a large reflecting pool – the options are truly endless. Like garden art, water can be an accent, a focal point or a hidden surprise.

So, which water feature is right for you? Are you going to make a big splash with a large waterfall or will you find yourself watching the birds play in the fountain outside your dining room window? A quick review of the options will set you off on the right foot.

Bird Bath

bird bath

Just looking for a bird bath? Even a tiny reflecting pond captured on a stone can be enchanting and we expect you’ll find birds there enjoying a splash. This is a quick and easy way to add water to any garden.

Garden Ponds


If your home is your haven, a pond might be just what your garden is waiting for. Fish and aquatic plants are a delight and add a whole new aspect to the landscape. Research and care should be taken in the planning of this outdoor water feature.

Garden Pools

Garden pools (without plants or fish) still present many possibilities. Reflecting pools create a place of calm respite and attract local wildlife.

Placing a fountain in it can add another dimension. The materials used, the size and the placement of pools create many different moods.


Fountains are sure to make a big splash (pun intended!). The sound of water is a soothing addition to any home and can conceal unwanted noise from nearby streets or motorways. Traditional fountains could be the perfect addition to a courtyard garden, but fountains these days aren’t limited to that style. Modern patio fountains are sure to make a statement.


Waterfalls always draw the eye. The sounds of water splashing over rocks are soothing and watching a waterfall can be as mesmerising as watching the fire in your fire pit. Much of the time, waterfalls are made with natural rocks and boulders – but don’t let that limit you, as there are plenty of modern options.


Sprinklers are something that many people consider to be a functional item only, but they can be quite artistic. My favourite pick for these are the copper sprinklers. The quality varies, so check out more than one source before you commit to a purchase.


Outdoor water features can present a variety of costs, both in initial costs and in time maintaining it. Understanding your needs can help you find the perfect way to introduce water into your landscape.

Sprinklers can be a great addition to any landscape. They care virtually maintenance-free and there are many styles emerging for today’s homeowner.

Bird baths have no moving parts either and can be as simple as an arty basin on a pedestal. The most work you’ll have is rinsing and filling it with a hose.

Pondless waterfalls are a recent addition. In a world where our time is continually diminishing, pondless waterfalls offer added security where little ones play. Not having to clean a pond can also mean far less maintenance.

Fountains are also a low maintenance option; cleaning it a few times a year and keeping an eye out to make sure the pump is still functioning and full of water is virtually all you need to do.

Garden pools without plumbing or living creatures will be a low maintenance item. Correct installation of a pond liner will minimise puncture holes upon installation.

Because you’re taking care of living creatures, garden ponds are probably the most maintenance of all the garden water features available. Careful balancing of the eco-system can reduce time spent, so if you’re well-informed, it’s all the better for you. This involves some careful planning at the beginning.

Now that we’ve covered maintenance, you might have a better idea of what type of outdoor water feature you’d like to see in your garden. Make sure you look into the details of maintenance so that you’re prepared for the upkeep.


Want to add that extra special something?

  • Sight (Colour, shape & texture)
  • Sound (Water or chimes)
  • Touch (Texture)
  • Taste (A herb garden?)
  • Smell (Scent is a powerful thing in a garden)


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