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Garden styles go much further than just formal or informal; the art of Cambridge landscaping or garden design can be found across both classic and contemporary styles. More inspiration can be found by looking at your local natural landscape, your home or your own personal taste..

Classic Garden

Some styles may have originated in a specific part of the world, but they often migrate. The ideas behind them didn’t start with a specific regional landscape. They’re readily adapted to any area. An example of this would be modern landscape design.

Cottage garden design is also a classic style which has its own charm and flair.

Formal garden design tends towards straight lines, symmetry, and neatness.

Finally, contemporary garden design can range from less formal forms with vegetable patches, to more polished designs with modern facilities.

Natural Garden

Natural garden styles emulate the local landscape. Using only native plants or traditional plants and locally available materials, they are in harmony with their surroundings. These styles are especially useful for rural homes.

In rural areas, we have two styles that work very well: woodland garden design and cottage garden design.

In Cambridgeshire, try Summit Landscapes. If you live in or near the forest, natural landscape design helps you to have more time for enjoying your garden.

In Cambridge, a natural garden design is both colourful and exciting.

If you work with the surrounding landscape, both natural and historic, you can create a garden in harmony with your home and neighbourhood.

Global Garden Styles

Global garden styles, as you might guess, emulate gardens and landscapes from a specific country or region. When styles originate, they are often associated with the country that they emerged from.

It may be that you have a home that is designed in a style you want to carry into the garden. This is a classic way of choosing a garden style. Summit Landscapes designed a French garden for a local family in an historic home. Theirs was a lovely French provincial home and they were thrilled with the results.

You too may just love Tuscan-style gardens and want this Italian garden design for yourself. Tuscan garden design brings in the warm, old world feeling of Italy.

You’ll love garden designs that reflect your favourite adventures. If you fell in love with the Mediterranean, try a Mediterranean garden design! It’s a great way to make your garden a personal paradise.

Japanese garden design might seem a little intimidating, but with a few tips, you’ll be able to pull it off. This style works in many sizes, so if you need a small garden design, try this style. Zen garden design is a great choice if you need a peaceful retreat at the end of a hard day.

Asian garden design might be your choice if you want a garden with an Asian flair. Chinese garden design is distinct from Japanese garden design; do a bit of research before diving into either one of these styles.

English garden design brings to mind paths with riots of flowers tumbling over the beds, which always looks charming.

The more you plan your garden and stay with one particular design, the stronger the impact. If you’re looking for a garden design that has everyone raving, carefully choose each element, right down to the furniture. It’ll be well worth it.


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