Resin Bound Gravel Driveway

(existing surface) SUDS and UV Compliant

We recently installed a resin bound gravel surface over approx 570m2 at a site in Harston, Cambridgeshire. 

Firstly we had to carry out some preparatory works to the existing surface to enable us to start fresh. The old tired looking resin bonded surface was flaked off where applicable removing loose resin bonded surface.

Next we planed the area as appropriate to alter levels and feathered in around the whole perimeter of the driveway. Our planer attachment to the digger was fitted and we took out a 300mm wide x 150mm deep section removing the tarmac and taking us back to the MOT sub-base, this was then re-concreted and feathered back in to establish our finish height level with the edging stones. 

Where the customer had a damaged areas / crack it required some treatment and repair prior to the application of the resin, we simply cut this section out and re-concreted it back level. 

To give the project a more aesthetically pleasing look we incorporated some 100×100 granite setts to divide the driveway, courtyard and paths areas into sections, these were concreted into place and pointed up. 

The next part of the project was a very vital one which took a lot of consideration and man power to guarantee the drives permeability when over laying our new resin surface. We drilled numerous 20mm holes throughout the entire area, in some places going down 300-400mm deep until we hit the sub-base allowing the water to permeate through. 

Before laying a resin bound surface we have to thoroughly clean and remove any Algae or fungal that may be present, this was carried out using a pressure washer and motorised broom over the entire area. Contaminates such as oil / traffic film was also removed with a suitable de-greaser. The surface preparation works were now completed and the resin bound gravel is ready to install.  The resin is mixed precisely with an activator and whisked together, using a force action mixer resin and gravel is combined and blended for a timed period ensuring the same consistency every time. 

Our highly skilled surfacers then spread the regulated mixture over the area using aluminium copings and an industry fabricated steel sledge laying it at 20-22mm.

We then spread and compact by trowel to a uniform thickness of 18-20 mm. The resin we use has a UV protection compound in the mix to ensure the longevity of the surface and keeping the driveway & customer very happy for a long period of time.

To finalise the project we cleaned up the whole site and removed any waste and packaging leaving the site clean and tidy. 


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