Front & Rear Garden Relandscaping

Summit Landscapes carried out a large front and rear garden landscaping project at in Ely for a client who had a long, traditional lawned garden but wanted a contemporary design that included a functional paved surface and a long winding path that joins the main property to their newly-built office at the end of the garden.

Summit Landscapes began by taking up the entire existing lawn. We usually try to save lawns when we can, but this one had become old, worn-out and was not worth keeping. We stripped the lawn and removed the waste from site. Summit Landscapes excavated the entire rear garden and marked out the areas for the paved patios and the path. We laid a compacted layer of Type 1 MOT hardcore and paved a large semicircular patio with Parish cobbles. This included two steps up to the house’s bi-fold doors at the rear of the property.

This semicircular patio seamlessly joined a larger, circular Parish cobbled patio to the left-hand side of the garden. Large timber posts were installed in this circular patio to create a large canopy. This canopy was to be used to create a shaded seating area for eating, relaxing and entertaining guests in the summer months.

After laying more compacted Type 1 MOT hardcore, Summit Landscapes laid a long, winding path that ran from left to right and joined the patio to the new office building at the back of the garden. This path was paved in Parish cobbles and bordered with beautiful Whitby walling blocks.

We installed new timber fence posts and attached closeboard fencing along the entire length of the right-hand side of the garden. The back garden was finished with high-quality turf to create a new, lush lawn.

At the front of the house, we excavated the area and levelled it before laying a clean, porous resin bound gravel surface and a parish cobbled pathway with a step up to the front porch. Wooden posts were installed into the cobbled border for low, timber picket fence panels.


Large Rear Garden

Clearance and prep:
– Knocked down a wall and removed waste from site
– Removal of shed
– Burnable waste incinerated on site to save time and money
– Graded entire site flat ready for work to commence

79m² Paving

– Excavated area using digger
– Altered levels allowing for run off
– Laid a geotextile weed membrane over the ground to prevent further weed growth
– Compacted a 75mm limestone base
– Laid paving on 25-40mm continuous mortar mix
– SBR was added to the mortar to greatly increase adhesive strength
– Paving was pointed using resin grout

37m² Curved Path

– Excavated area using digger
– Altered levels allowing for run off
– Laid cobble paving on 100mm concrete with a mortar mix
– SBR was be added to the mortar to greatly increase adhesive strength
– Paving was be pointed resin point grout

58m² Resin Bound Gravel 

– Resin Bound Gravel was laid over the top of the existing concrete to save both time and money

235m² Lawn

– Rotovated and compacted soil
– Graded soil level
– Laid new, high-quality turf and compacted it down with a roller

22m² Decorative Shingle

– Excavated area to 50mm
– Removed all waste materials from property
– Laid a geotextile weed membrane for separation, reinforcement, filtration and prevention of further weed growth
– Decorative shingle spread over the area

Beds & Borders

– Rotavated beds and added soil improver
– Graded back borders to create contours
– Laid bark chipping mulch top layer
– Energy-efficient LED uplighters were installed along the bark chipping beds

Lowered Areas Around Garden Office

– Graded area flat
– Turned with rotavator
– Planted grass and wild meadow seeds

Front Drive – 60m² Resin Bound Gravel 

– Excavated to a depth of 200mm
– Laid a geotextile membrane to suppress weed growth and prevent subsidence
– Compacted a125mm base layer of MOT Type 1 hardcore
– Laid a 60mm layer of SMA Tarmac
– The resin was mixed precisely with an activator
– Resin and gravel was combined with a forced action mixer
– Resin bound gravel mixture was then spread and regulated over the area using aluminium copings and spread by trowel to a uniform thickness 22mm where vehicles were to be used

9m² Cobble Path

– Cobble stone path from gate to door to gate
– Set on concrete foundation
– Pointed with resin pointing

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